segunda-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2009

Gangpol & Mit new DVD/Book

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1 de janeiro nas lojas :-)
For their first DVD release as well as first monograph, G&M and Pictoplasma are happy to introduce this long-time announced blend of freshly pressed music videos, wild derivative cartoon adventures, and various disturbing activities along carefully pronounced english uncanny dialogs.
Digging into a more narrative direction, videos collect a frenetical amount of sceneries straight from doomsday, while soundtrack starts haunting the lands of cinematic Italian synths, ghetto can swing, or intergalactic tribes.
Packed in strong yellow cardboard brick, the book presents the visual worlds as original movie posters and scene shots of the most thrilling episodes: hit-and-run canine casualties, technological voodoo apocalypse or terrorist confetti exploding everywhere.
texto by Gangpol & Mit

32 pages book with 4/3 DVD, PAL, 18 tracks Stereo, All zones
14 x 19 cm / 5,5 x 7,4 inches, full colour, hardcover

Gangpol & Mit / Faits divers / Dvd Teaser / Pictoplasma from Gangpol & Mit on Vimeo.

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