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draw us a happy cover. Please

ANORAK, talvez uma das melhores revistas para crianças no panorama editorial abriu um concurso para a sua capa do número de inverno. O que torna especial esta revista é acima de tudo a qualidade dos grafismos e as diferentes abordagens à ilustração quebrando com os estereótipos da ilustração para a infância.
Uma revista que trata as crianças como indivíduos inteligentes :-)
Mãos à obra

At Anorak we thrive on supporting young talent. We have hundreds of ‘little editors’ around the globe who draw lovely things, write lovely stories and review books. We would like to give art students & recent graduates the opportunity to be part of our crazy colourful world and showcase their talent.

With this in mind, we are extremely excited and proud to launch a very special Anorak Design Mission, in collaboration with our lovely friends at Tate, Sharpie Pens, DesignToyStore and Human Empire.

Open to all art students from around the world, we are giving you the opportunity to come up with an innovative design for the cover of our Winter issue of Anorak magazine. The cover must contain the following words: ‘Anorak the happy mag for kids’ and must be fun.
Anything else, we leave up to your imagination and undoubtedly mind-boggling doodling skills.

What do you win?
The first prize will see their drawing on Anorak’s Winter outside back cover, and will receive a bundle of Tate goodies picked by Anorak’s creative director, Supermundane, worth £100 and a doodling pack from Sharpie Pens.
We will also pick three runners-up prizes: their drawings printed within the pages of the Winter issue of Anorak. Each will receive £50 Tate book vouchers, a doodling pack worth £25 from Sharpie Pens, a £25 voucher from the DesignerToyStore and a ‘Tricky’ t-shirt by Human Empire.

Are you eligible?
To be eligible for this competition, you must be a student on any of Art or Design course at HND or degree level, or equivalent. You are also eligible if you are a recent graduate (2009).

How to submit your drawings?
• One entry per student. If you enter more than once, your entry will be automatically disqualified. Sorry peeps!
• This competition is open to ALL students around the world, so whether you live in Moscow or Morocco, Belize or Birmingham, Falmouth or France you can take part!
• Artwork size should be 220mm x 220mm.
• Closing date for entries: 30th October 2009.
• To enter, you need to email your entries to cathy (AT) anorak-magazine (DOT) co (DOT) uk with subject line ANORAK COVER MISSION. Students can also send their entries by post clearly marked ANORAK COVER MISSION c/o Oksar Ltd, 57 Connaught Works, 251 Old Ford Road, London E3 5PS UK. All entries need to include your name, age, details of art/design course, postal address and email address. All entries will receive an email to confirm that entry has been received.
• You are NOT required to send hi-res material for your entries.

Who will judge your drawings?
Anorak’s team! But not only: we have a team of ‘little art directors’ at Arnold House School (London) who will help us pick the best entries.

We really look forward to receiving your happy drawings.

good news: Sam Baron www

photos sam baron

mais aqui/more here:

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jordi ferreiro workshop

quinta-feira, 27 de agosto de 2009

valerio vidali is in town: benvenuto

mais aqui

gracias Jordi :-)

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Miguel Salazar & Pedro Tabuaço @ Dama Aflita for Magnetica

número de agosto, na magnética
august issue, at magnética

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Le Sketch #8 | Scott Morse

Já anda por aí um novo número da nossa mini tira de comics/esboços/ilustrações....... favorita.

"In this eight issue of Le Sketch, cartoonist Scott Morse presents a series of 14 sketches taken from his personal sketchbooks featuring random strangers in San Francisco and Disneyland. You will find plenty of tourists wandering leisurely around, seniors sleeping in chairs or just looking at nature in amazement."

"About Scott: a full-time father and storyteller currently working in comics and animation. His award-winning comics work includes the books Soulwind, Magic Pickle, Plastic Man, The Barefoot Serpent, Tiger! Tiger! Tiger!, and Notes Over Yonder. He currently works for Pixar in story and design, with credits including Ratatouille and Wall*E."

textos e imagem de Paulo Patrício

terça-feira, 18 de agosto de 2009

coming soon...Guillaumit

Guillaumit em setembro :-)

segunda-feira, 17 de agosto de 2009

Jordi Ferreiro @ Dama Aflita - workshop para crianças dia 26 de agosto

Workshop de Colagem para crianças entre os 4 e os 10 anos com JORDI FERREIRO dia 26 de agosto entre as 15 e as 18 horas.
Incrições até dia 23 agosto, mais informações aqui

photos by Jordi Ferreiro, workshop "Drawing space" at Sonar Kids festival at CCCB.

Luis Urculo @ X Bienal Espanhola de Arquitectura espanhola

35 projectos / 35 exposições
35 projects / 35 exhibitions

photos by Luis Urculo

Craig Atkinson @ pikaland

Entrevista no portal Pikaland por Amy
Interview at Pikaland by Amy